Sound Recordist

Using the in-house kit, our knowledgeable and experienced team will ensure your project’s sound will be impeccable.

We are available to work in the UK and Internationally.


Our team has a vast collection of resources that will facilitate all the sounds you can’t reproduce on set, delivering the exact SFX you envision for your project.


We compose unique and personalized tracks. The sound will be based on your vision and shaped by our multi-awarded composers.

Sound Mixing

Our team will deliver to you on time, making your project’s sound hyper-realistic.

Sound Design

Our attention to detail recommends us. Through Dialogue mixing, Foley, and Ambience music, we create the perfect Sound Design for a variety of needs.

Broadcast Mastering

Sound Quality is critical for your project to be successful when it’s launched. We ensure Stereo Mix, 5.1, International Broadcast Mastering or any other mix your project needs.

Dialogue Replacement & Editing

For these services, we’ll invite you to our Studio in London. Everything will be recorded professionally by our focused and dedicated team members, and we can offer you additional services for your project to improve significantly.

Music Production

Our producers will create and adapt the music to your style using instruments, electronic beats, orchestra or a mix depending on your preferences.

Video Editing, VFX & Colour Grading

Our Video Editor will make sure you receive exactly what you want no matter the size of your project. Besides that, for a more significant impact, we can offer you Audio Post-Production services.

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